Pulse Jet Conversion Dust Collectors

Pulse Jet Conversion Dust Collector DiagramOld bag houses can be cost effectively upgraded with a pulse jet conversion kitGulf United Technologies, Inc. has the capability to reuse your existing bag house structure, dust removal system, and existing exhaust fan by utilizing a pulse jet conversion process. The existing upper housing portion is removed and the unit is gutted out. Gulf United Technologies then designs a pulse jet section that is seal welded above the old unit’s lower housing. The unit is now a state of the art pulse jet bag house system that will provide years of efficiency & trouble free service to your facility.

Why Convert to a Pulse Jet?

  • Performance – The new PulseJet Dust Collector’s cleaning action is much more effective than that of its predecessors. It is designed to clean the bags while remaining on-line, and do a more efficient job. Above all, emission problems are eliminated, helping your facility meet today’s tough pollution standards.
  • Cost – Initial cost is often half the cost of a new unit. Saving the cost of a new foundation, support steel and dust removal system.
  • Maintenance – Old shake, reverse air and old bottom access units have access to the bags from the dirty side. As a result, maintenance personnel often despise working on them. On the Gulf United PulseJet Conversion Kit, access to the bags is from the clean air plenum, making maintenance easy, direct and simple.
  • Air Volume – Because of the efficient design of the PulseJet, air volumes are often doubled or tripled by the use of the larger housings of the old design shaker/reverse air units.