Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collectors

The cartride side access style dust collector is grate for industrial applications where HEPPA quality air filtration is neededA cartridge style dust collection system comes with pleated cellulose, fabric or specially coated material filters that have a built in support frame and mounting plate. These cartridges have approximately 275 ft. sq. of filter material per cartridge and are easily installed via roof access doors. They simply drop into cell plate holes and are then bolted down.

The pulse jet system works by systematic blasts of air which are directed down into the clean air side of the filter knocking dust particles off the dirty side and into the hopper bottom for removal. The pulse duration and intervals can be adjusted to fit your load requirements. A manometer gauge, located on the front of your systems control box, gives operators necessary pressure drop information. Pressure drop is a measurement of the pressure differences between the clean and dirty sides of the filters. If the filters are dirty, the differential pressure is high and the pulse frequency needs to be adjusted.

There are two upgrades that can be useful on this type unit. The first is a photohelic gauge, which is a gauge with upper and lower settings. When the pressure rises to the upper limit, the unit automatically begins pulsing down the filters until the pressure drops to the lower setting. A rotary valve can also be a good investment. Many times operators do not empty the hopper often enough, and it fills up. The hopper is not meant to be used as a storage unit, because dust can stir up and the filters will stay dirty. The rotary valve will automatically dispense this dust and the system will be kept in a healthier state.

This system has advantages over the bag style units due to its ability to pack a large amount of filter material into a much smaller unit, thus saving space in your facility. Some filter fabrics are even washable.